In the years previous to 1972, when members of the Calgary Fire Department retired, they were invited once a year to a stag banquet provided by members of the Union. The balance of the year there was very little communication with the Department. Then in 1972, the yearly banquet was changed to a mixed affair for pensioners and wives, and members of the Department, with music supplied for dancing. This turned out to he a very successful change, but there was still no communication the rest of the year.

This had been mentioned to Chief Jackson by pensioners, and in July 1974, he sent a letter to all pensioners with the suggestion that they have a meeting at Fire stations, so as to keep me pensioners familiar with old and new members, and they with the pensioners. At each meeting, a bank is set on the table and each member puts in whatever donation he wishes to make. At the end of each term, which runs from September to June, the bank is opened, and the money collected is deposited in a benefit fund at the Firefighters Credit Union. Many donations are also received from out of town pensioners. This fund can be used to send flowers or other items to members in hospital, or make donations to various organizations such as Cancer Fund, Heart Fund, etc. on the passing of a pensioner. A letter is sent out each month to all pensioners with date, time and station of the next meeting, any local news that may be of interest to the members, or members who are sick or in hospital. News from out of town members is also included.

Roy Steadman
September ’83