CFDPA members Connell and Fran Minty help out Ukrainian Refugees.

During the spring and summer of 2022 Connell Minty headed over to Europe to collect his van named “Cookie” and headed to Poland to help Ukrainians fleeing their war ravaged country. He drove people from the border to safety while Fran helped with the fundraising and joined Connell later in the trip.

As a retired firefighter, Connell felt he could offer assistance and he felt compelled to go and help. Many Calgary firefighters who know Connell, generously donated to this endeavor to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugees of the war. Connell and Fran feel very honoured and proud to have received their support and this was explained (using google translate) to every group they drove. 155 refugees were assisted and he drove 15,500km taking families from the border. The photo of the shoulder flashes are ones given by many Polish First Responders whom Connell came to know over the course of 7 weeks. All the emotional and heart wrenching stories they heard during the trips with refugee families have become indelible memories for Connell and Fran.

July 31, 2022 by Fran Minty, Organizer

We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU, to all of you who supported the project Connell completed this spring.

All the funding was used for helping Ukrainian refugees. He drove 15,500km over 7 weeks, giving personal assistance to 155 Ukrainian refugees! An emotional and determined man who worked so hard made us so proud! We could not do this without all of YOU! Some of the refugees are still in contact since Connell and I left Poland. All are so grateful for the generous trust, support and funds given by our donors!

The Start of the Trip – Connell and Cookie – The Shuttle Zone – Connell’s Luggage, Shakes for the Trip

Some of the People Transported from the Ukranian Border

GrandKids wishing Grandpa Connell well and Helping Out with the Fundraising

St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna – Filling the Water at the Firehall – Connells Famous Cork Trick Needs no Translation    Hanging out with Brother Firefighters – Patches from Police and Fire

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